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Utilizing Color To Transform Spaces


what we do.

At Color Cues, we use our passion about color to create a world where harmony with our surroundings enhances, mood and elevates our life experience. We work closely with clients and collaborate with design professionals. We use our knowledge of lighting and color methodology to create a specific Color Cues palette tailored to your project, your home or your place of business.

As humans, we instinctively react to color. Color cues transmit information about emotions, feelings, and moods. Whether it is a yellow and black bumblebee or a blue sky, color evokes a subjective psychological response. Through understanding the science of color and the connection between color and emotions, we apply our color methodology to transform built environments into spaces where we feel connected to each other and to our surroundings. 



As a successful Bay Area Interior Designer and Color Expert, Lucia Palmitessa founded Color Cues to share and educate about the transformative power of color. Humans long to connect and find joy in their surroundings. This can be achieved using Color Cues that resonate with each individual. Lucia is also passionate about contributing to the local community through design and collaboration.

In 2022, Lucia joined the Bay Area Chapter of Project Color Corps, a non profit organization that collaborates with people to add color to their essential community spaces, creating beauty, belonging and joy.


As part of her role with PCC, Lucia participated in the design and execution of the mural project for Oakland's Hoover Elementary School.

Lucia has been an Interior Designer for over 20 years in both Italy and the United States. She has worked on multi-unit living projects, upscale home developments and individual client home remodels. Her color expertise has served her well during her many project collaborations and client remodels.

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